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Mikhail Vrubel, The Fortune Teller

My Approach

Tarot has brought me an immense amount of fulfilment and joy. You'll find references to Tarot in the poetry of Sylvia Plath and T.S Eliot, and within the lyrics of Bob Dylan. I had my first reading in Paris while I was living there for a time, and I was entranced thereafter. 


The cards are a medium through which we can access our subconscious; all the answers lie within. My joy is to help people articulate their deeper self using the cards as a storyboard. My readings are collaborative and always in service of the higher good. My aim is to empower people to find their own solutions. 

Why have a reading? A consultation can provide confirmation, clarity and affirmation on the spectrum of life's dilemmas. What's more, there is a mystical connection to other realms that can be accessed through the tarot.

Tarot is a beautiful, guiding tool which can help you explore a deeper understanding of yourself and cast a lantern's light on what may be holding you back.

Verity Tarot x

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What does a reading involve?

consultation takes 60 mins and I charge £75.

If you feel you need more time for questions and would like the opportunity to explore findings further, an 80 mins consultation is offered at £90.


Readings take place in London, Wiltshire and Dorset but I am able to travel to a client's home on special request and at a small extra cost. I also offer Zoom consultations when it is not possible to meet in person. All my consultations are strictly confidential.

During the session I consider several spreads. The main spread gives me an overview which I take time to discuss with you. On request, I also use the cards to look at each of the chakras. Please note, I only review chakras during face to face readings.

There is an opportunity to tailor the session to any specific needs or questions.


Thank you so much Camilla. I loved my reading so much and you were spot on on so many things. 



N.N, Dubai

Contact Me 

Send me a note to book a reading or ask a question...

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